How To Make A Wig Head That Has Your Hairline and Head Shape, with a wighead and less than $10 of materials!


The immediate benefits of having one of these might not be so obvious, but once I made one a while back, I haven’t considered styling a wig on a head that ISN’T of this type! It allows you to do everything but measuring bang length on a head the same as yours. Want to spike a wig and make sure your hairline won’t show? You can do that. Need to alter a wig to have a weird hairline and you don’t want to keep trying the wig on and off again? You can do that. Want to pull a wig in a ponytail but not make it too small? Yep, you can do that! Want to do a really crazy wig for someone who isn’t nearby? Get them to make one of these and mail it to you, and you can style it just as well as if they were wearing it! It’s a nearly indispensable tool in my wig-styling arsenal.

This tutorial is starring tumblr user notyourwaifu as my wonderful model! (She’s currently notyourwaiphantom for Halloween.) Similarly, if someone reblogged this during October and the URL for the jump doesn’t work, I’m only reospookywagon for October; switch the URL to “silencedrowns” and you should be fine.

That said, let’s go!

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An Alternative to Traditional Boot CoversThis was pretty well-received on my Facebook, so I decided to throw it up on Tumblr as well. :) I recently tried out a new idea for customizing boots for my Zidane costume, and it worked out just as I’d hoped! It was a great route to go since I didn’t want to cover my boot soles with fabric (like traditional boot covers do), and I also didn’t want to have seams going down the front all the way to the toe. This method may not be ideal for all applications, but I thought it was worth sharing! Sorry that this isn’t very in depth. Unfortunately, when making my boots, I didn’t photograph certain critical steps, and those steps are difficult to explain without a visual, so I decided to just make a semi-tutorial that explained the gist of the idea. If you have any specific questions about how I did this though, feel free to drop me an ask! Or, better yet, send me a PM on my page (conversations are so much easier to follow that way). :)
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1. I highly recommend that you make sure that your legs are freshly shaved before applying either product.
2. It Stays can also be used to help hold a wig cap in place.
3. If you are layering thigh-highs over a pair of panty hose you can also use It Stays to stick then together.
To see more of my cosplay work:
Ignore the tights (and the wrong bra orz and the mess). I’m a lazy butt. Almost done though! After midterms I’ll finish. Damn exams 
I’ll get back to posting tutorials and such after next Monday. I just have too many things to do for school.
Also I am going to make a new scissor blade because I don’t like that one, although I did learn a lot.
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